"I work at an engineering company called Atkins where I recently set up a yoga club for our London office... I chose Kirty from Yoga-Sculpt as our yoga instructor, and i'm so glad I did! Her classes are just what I was looking for - suitable for all levels, fun, and she really knows yoga inside out! She's super approachable and offers hands-on help to those who need it. Would definitely recommend!"

"I work at the BuzzFeed UK office and we arranged for Kirty to come in and teach us yoga. Kirty's classes are really great - fun, mindful, and challenging, she really breaks down each movement to show us how to do each pose correctly. It's wonderful to see (and hear about) the benefits that everyone, at every level of their practice, is gaining from attending Kirty's classes. Would highly recommend Yoga-Sculpt to anybody looking to organise either a private lesson or a corporate class for their workplace,"

“I attend Kirty’s weekly lunchtime yoga session and I always have a calmer and happier afternoon for having taken her class.  She is friendly and engaging - her classes are really enjoyable with a bit of humour thrown in too. The class is taught at a perfect pace with variations for all levels, Kirty always reminding us to be mindful to listen to the body. She has given me technique and alignment tips that are helping to improve my practice. Great classes – thanks Kirty!”

"It's so good! Love these classes. I can now touch my toes - I absolutely could not before." BuzzFeed UK


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